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3Pcs Bra Extension 1 2 3 Hook Bra Extender Strap

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3x Eye Hook Bra Extender Cream Bra Extension Strap Strapless  Underwear 1,2,3 Hook UK

Product Description:

  • Made of soft, comfortable and breathable cotton material with stainless steel hooks.
  • Easy to use: Attach the hooks of the extender to your bra hook loops, then use the hooks on your bra to attach to the hook loops of the extender.
  • Colour:- Skin
  • Package Included:- 1 hook, 2 hook, 3 hook
  • Material:- Fabric, Metal Hook
  • This item is used to add more extra room to bras that are too tight and comfort while wearing your bra.
  • They are especially useful when you have a bra that is slightly too tight on your back.It's easy for you to adjust your new and old bras, great for pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gaining, bra shrinkage and more.

Note: It will have some deviation in the colour and size of the image.

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