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Blue Foam Sponge Toe Nail Painting Sponge

Blue Foam Sponge Toe Nail Painting Sponge

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Blue Foam Sponge Toe Separator Nail Painting Manicure Pedicure Sponge Dividers UK

Product Description:

Soft foam to finger separators. Sufficient quantity can satisfy your long-term use. You can also share with your family and friends.
Made of soft sponge, they are very soft and comfortable. Gentle to the skin, and smooth and soft touch feeling, giving you a relaxing experience.
Pack Of 1 Pair And Pack Of 2 Pair (1 Pair including 2 pcs.)
Colour:- Blue
Material:- Foam
These separators are a great tool to separate toes for manicure or polishing, filing, buffering, or any other pedicure tasks. Perfect for salon or home use.
These separators are also ideal tools for separating fingers when performing any nail art. Fixed position, keeping fingers apart to apply nail polish, making it easier to apply nail polish without the mess.

Note: It will have some deviation in the color and size of the image.

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