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Seam Ripper Stitch Thread Unpicker Button Hole Cutter

Seam Ripper Stitch Thread Unpicker Button Hole Cutter

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Seam Ripper Stitch Thread Unpicker Sewing Tool Button Hole Cutter Colourful UK

Product Description:

  • Hand Sewing Tool for the easy and quick removal of Hemlines, Seams, Pockets, Buttons and other Sewing crafts
  • Coloured plastic handle with strong metal ripping fork *Colour may vary from product listing
  • Colour ;-  Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
  • Pack Of 1, 2, 3, 4, And 5 Stitch Thread Unpicker
  • Sharp metal blade for quick and easy removal of unwanted threads/stitches. Red ball fork point, protects fabric from catching or tearing. Unpicker to remove fine stitching & ripper for heavy stitching such as denim pockets perfect for for all sewing enthusiasts, tailors, seamstress & crafters.

Note: It will have some deviation of the colour and size in image.

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