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Toothpicks Sticks Oral Care Dental Floss Sticks

Toothpicks Sticks Oral Care Dental Floss Sticks

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Toothpicks Sticks Oral Care Dental Floss Sticks Durable & Portable Floss Harps UK

Product Description:

  • Helps to remove plaque and food particles between the teeth & prevent Gum disease and Dental caries.
  • Also useful in cleaning tongue.
  • Pack Of Assoted 50x , 100x  Pcs Sticks.
  • The thread on our dental floss picks hold up well and won’t snap. Our ultra thin, silky comfort floss tape, slides smoothly between teeth. It holds up well, and will never snap if used correctly. Compared to regular toothbrushes, dental flossing can easily remove plaque and pesky food particles between your teeth more effectively.
  • Length (Cm) :- 9, Height (Cm) :- 12
  • Eco-friendly: made from high-quality plastic.
  • Cost Saving: it can be reusable so many times.

Note: It will have some deviation of the colour and size in image.

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